2023 NHL Mock Draft

It’s been a while so why not take a stab at predicting how the upcoming NHL Entry Draft will unfold. As upper usual teams holding multiple first round picks will shake up consensus. There will be a fun on defensemen early with the end of the round containing a lot of European players. Those without size and late season hype will be the fallers. Russians are always a wild card and even more so now but the highly talented ones will go earlier than expected. No goalies in this first round.

1. CHI – C Connor Bedard

No need to predict anything else.

2. ANH – C Leo Carlsson

Ducks likely to see the sky high upside with the Swede.

3. CBJ – C Adam Fantili

Columbus is happy to add a prolific forward who might be NHL ready this season.

4. SJS – LW Matevi Michkov

An organization unafraid of Russians cashes in.

5. MON – C William Smith

Habs happy to get high-end talent down the middle at this point in the draft.

6. ARZ – RW Ryan Leonard

A dominant winger to pair with Logan Cooley sounds like a good idea.

7. PHI – RD David Reinbacher

After moving Provorov this begins the blueline rebuild in Philly.

8. WAS – C Dalibor Dvorsky

Capitals go for a safe bet after not picking this high in ages.

9. DET – LW Daniel But

Detroit adds some more dynamic scoring to their rebuild and are familiar with Russians.

10. STL – LD Dimitri Shimashev

Blues need to rebuild prospect depth on the blueline and take a big time swing.

11. VAN – RD Tom Willander

It’s no secret the Canucks want to draft for need and get in on this run on blueliners.

12. ARZ – LD Axel Sandin Pellikka

The Coyotes complete the run to make sure they walk away with a defenseman.

13. BUF – LW Samuel Honzek

Sabres have the luxury of going for upside with the big Slovak.

14. PIT – RW Gabriel Perreault

Kyle Dubas wants his Knies replacement in the Steel City.

15. NSH – C Nate Danielson

Nashville still needs a center to hit and this is a well-rounded choice.

16. CGY – LW Zach Benson

A bit of a slide for this small talent but the Flames benefit.

17. DET – C Oliver Moore

Another upside bet for Detroit.

18. WPG – LW Quentin Musty

The Jets need to start rebuilding their forward core.

19. CHI – LW Colby Barlow

Bedard is going to need a winger to pass to in Chicago.

20. SEA – C Calum Ritchie

Another big center for the Kraken.

21. MIN – C Otto Stenberg

Always in search of centers and the Wild love drafting Swedes.

22. PHI – RW Matthew Wood

After grabbing a defenseman first the Flyers take a big forward who produced in the NCAA.

23. NYR – RW Charlie Stramel

Nothing excites the Rangers more than big college boys.

24. NSH – D Lukas Dragicevic

Trotz wants the org to swing for a star and here’s a very skillful choice.

25. STL – LW Andrew Cristall

Probably the greatest boom or bust pick in the first round.

26. SJS – RW Kasper Halttunen

The run on Euros starts now as the Sharks want a safer bet.

27. COL – C Brayden Yager

The next great hope of developing a center internally in Colorado.

28. TOR – C David Enstrom

Leafs need cheap forwards to fill out their roster sooner than later.

29. STL – D Mikhail Gulyayev

With multiple firsts the Blues can take chances as they are keen to take Russians.

30. CAR – LW Edouard Sale

A great system of talent can help bring a player with question marks along.

31. COL (lol) – Bradly Nadeau

If they actually make this pick Colorado gets their Newhook replacement from the BCHL.

32. VGK – LD Étienne Morin

Vegas scouts strike again and get this underrated talent to close out the first round.


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