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SeaMill12 – Administrator, Author
One of the founders of Burgundy Rainbow after situations dictated a new Avs blog was needed. Started extensively following the Avs in MacKinnon’s rookie season in 2013 but has followed them casually since the beginning, learning a lot from the writers and commenters on Mile High Hockey.
Fascinated by: Would love to watch prospects more as time allows, but takes pride in knowing a great deal about the whole NHL as a whole. A general overview of every team, their prospects, their front office, etc.
Concentrates on: When watching NHL games I like to watch things behind the play because in my opinion, that is what makes a great player. The things they do when they don’t have the puck separates players from stars
Dream Avs Job: If I were to choose a dream job, it would be a pro scout (rather than an amateur prospect/draft scout). In reality it may be more likely for me to develop technology/websites for the Avs (I would be 100% elated for that job too though)


roaming_yeti – Administrator
Along with SeaMill one of the founders of Burgundy Rainbow. Keeps the site functional and compliant so the writers can do their thing.
Fascinated by: Watching the Avs embrace a new development philosophy recently has been fascinating and exciting.
Concentrates on: When I am not trying to ignore our announcers I try to pay attention to the positioning of players that are away from the puck.
Dream Avs Job: Probably a zamboni driver. I talked with one of them and it seems like a sweet gig.


earl06 – Managing Editor, Author
Guides the site when possible, writes about the Avs AHL affiliates and professional development along with general Avs topics and Breaking Down after games. Regular contributor to Burgundy Radio. Started on the Lake Erie Monsters beat for MHH back in 2013.
Fascinated by: Pro development, systems & coaching, player personnel decisions
Concentrates on: Looking for changes in strategy during games as well as players in new roles or positions. Love watching the Avs exploit an opponent’s subtle weaknesses.
Other interests: Pro Cycling, Tennis, Formula1. Loosely follow the Habs and Colgate University Hockey too.
Dream Avs Job: Director of Player Personnel or AGM on the development side


sandiegauthier – Editor, Author
Steph – Author, Podcastor
Steph has been the host for what is now known as the Burgundy Radio Podcast for many years and started out writing at MHH back in 2010.
Fascinated by: Originally Peter Forsberg drew me to the team but now it’s just that they’re fun as heck to watch. Nathan Mackinnon is the obvious answer but it’s more than just him.
Concentrates on: BR discord…lol… I try to kinda watch around the puck (not the puck itself) to focus on what plays are developing around it, but since I always watch the game delayed from live TV a minute or so, I’ll really hone in on whoever’s name the discord is screaming when that happens.
Other interests: No other traditional sports, just esports. I check in with the Dota 2 scene from time to time, a lot less than I used to, and I watch a lot of Overwatch League. (go Gladiators/Valiant, and since I’m not in the LA area, no, I don’t have to pick one)
Dream Avs Job: I wouldn’t want to work with the Avs. If they insisted on giving me a position, it would be to be the Twitter-joke-person who makes just like 100K to sit in every personnel meeting and have two veto powers every season, where I can just say “Don’t do that” and that’s the final decision.


Rudo3 – Author, Podcastor, Video, Colorado Eagles beat writer
Besides being the face of “Avalanche Review”, Rudo creates shift-by-shift vids on prospects and draft eligible players and hosts the Talking Out Our Avs podcast. In his spare time he’s also credentialed media for our beloved Colorado Eagles. He got his start in 2015 on Reddit.
Fascinated by: Player development, organizational decisions, system schemes, and goal scoring of course.
Concentrates on: General overview/highlight plays but can vary based on context.
Other interests: Anything and everything related to the Avs Including minor and junior league hockey. Casual Rockies fan.
Dream Avs Job: Something in the video department.


queenjk – Author
Jackie is our Draft and Amateur Prospects guru (Dreaming of the Draft, Prospect Weekly) along with working on the Avs pro prospects and many other aspects of the organization. Regular contributor to Burgundy Radio and Talking Out Our Avs pods.
Fascinated by: Building a franchise. Drafting, development, contracts. Growing as a team and organization.
Concentrates on: Focus on players, shift by shift. Watching Sam Girard puts joy into my heart.
Other interests: Other than all affiliated and prospect teams, the Denver Broncos and NFL mostly.
Dream Avs Job: Director of Development. Work with the prospects, affiliates and scouting would be perfect.


thevoiceofvlad – Author, Video host from the Pepsi Center and elsewhere
Along with writing for the site, Vlad is your pre- and post-game host for for Avs home games and other special events on our YouTube channel. He first started writing about the Avs waaaaay back in 1998(!) on the Bolt social network hockey message boards. After a long break, started contributing a few fanposts on Mile High Hockey beginning in 2014, then made the leap to Burgundy Rainbow during the Great Cupcake Uprising™ of 2017.
Fascinated by: I’ve always been fascinated with game ops (pregame hype, pregame warmups–specifically, goalie drills–and player entrances) and the fan experience off the ice.
Concentrates on: I like watching players attempting to read and anticipate plays, and also how goalies position themselves to read incoming shots.
Other interests: Follows the Arizona (formerly Phoenix) Coyotes (NHL), our Colorado Eagles (AHL), the Sarnia Sting and Flint Firebirds (OHL), and the Colorado Rapids (MLS).
Dream Avs Job: …would be Pepsi Center P.A. announcer and in-arena host in charge of the in-house music (in which I would put an immediate ban on using Nickleback as “hype” “music”) while doing play by play (I hear there’s an opening…).


J.D. Killian – Author


NoNeedToYelle – Author


Professor Oak – Author
The Prof is our Fantasy Correspondent among other things and began at MHH four years ago.
Fascinated by: watching all of the young talent develop and the avs’ players have fun
Concentrates on: I focus on the game away from the puck. I love seeing small defensive reads and seeing the play develop.
Other interests: I don’t really follow any other sports, but do follow the Smite e-sports scene very closely.
Dream Avs Job: Assistant GM, still get to give input without the hot seat of the GM.


AceODale – Author
Ace started out with some fan posts at MHH back in the day and now contributes articles and podcast views.
Fascinated by: Denver is our family/clan center. So any Denver based team gets my tribal loyalty.
Concentrates on: I grew up playing hockey and specifically defense. I like watching how they cycle, pinch and close gaps.
Other interests: Pretty much Hockey and football(bol). Denver Broncos, of course and the Rapids. Spokane Chiefs of the WHL, Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL, AHL’s Colorado Eagles. Also Arsenal of the English Premier League and the general international scene. I tend to root for those teams based on countries or cities I’ve visited.
Avs Dream Job: I spent a decade and a half in radio, so it would be fun to be part of the broadcast crew. I don’t care what as long as I get to wear a headset.


mikeatbr – Author
Mike is our token vet and one of the very few that understands why people choose to stand in front of pucks being shot at them at 100mph. Started as Avs correspondent at Blanc, Bleu et Rouge in ’07 and when Joe Dunman started MHH he decided that there wasn’t enough rough humor and bad punctuation, so he invited Mike.
Fascinated by: The drafting and free agency decisions and the general play of the team
Concentrates on: Goalies, defensive reads, and Nathan MacKinnon. Unless King Henrik is on then I just stare wistfully at him.
Other interests: I like Ovi and the Caps and follow some other goalies like Hank, Pekka, and Vasi. I’m a very on-off fan of the Broncos and Rockies. Follow my alma mater (Miss State) in football and baseball. I like European motorsports (Rally, F1, etc.).
Avs Dream Job: Goalie scout and Vice President of Stupid Decisions (where I just listen to plans and decide if they’re stupid or not).



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