Three Favorite Picks from 2023 NHL Draft

Bringing back this feature from a couple years ago is a way to evaluate a draft class and have something to look back on in the future. I’m selecting my three favorite picks from each round. These are not necessarily the most talented or have the highest ceilings, just that the team did well to take the player in that position and also a kudos for a particular strategy.


#6 – Dimitri Shimashev & #12 – Daniel But – Arizona Coyotes

Combining these two picks because I love the strategy to go after these two highly talented Russian teammates.

#7– Matevei Michkov – Philadelphia Flyers

Could be the biggest star of the draft and the Flyers got him at seven is great fortune.

#23 – Gabriel Perreault – New York Rangers

To get a 50 goal scorer from the NTDP and a player ranked top 10 on Bob McKenzie’s list is quite a grab outside the top 20.


#40 – Andrew Cristall – Washington Capitals

This was a fantastic spot to take a gamble on a high skill player. Bonus, Cristall already signed his ELC.

#48 – Étienne Morin – Calgary Flames

A team who knows how to scout the QMJHL gets a steal with possibly the best defenseman in the draf who knows how to score goals.

#57 – Lukas Dragicevic – Seattle Kraken

Another big swing on a top offensive talent on the backend is a great use of a late second round pick.


#75 – Hunter Brzustewicz – Vancouver Canucks

A very talented defenseman who could have gone top 40 is tremendous value at this pick.

#78 – Koehn Zeimmer – Los Angeles Kings

Another skilled player who could have easily gone in the second round.

#95 – Denver Barkey – Philadelphia Flyers

Betting on the development of London Knights players is a smart strategy at the end of the top 100.


#100– Alexander Rykov – Carolina Hurricanes

A trade down and the Hurricanes still got this dynamic player with upside.

#101 – Florian Xhekaj – Montreal Canadiens

Maybe it’s just nepotism but the Habs have a ton of picks and can hope for another late bloomer like his brother Arber was.

#114 – Luca Pinelli – Columbus Blue Jackets

The round of the small forwards but Columbus picked a good one.


#136 – Cameron Allen – Washington Capitals

Slipped a bit in his draft year but a good pick at this point in the draft for a mature defenseman.

#151– Thomas Millic – Winnipeg Jets

The only goalie on the list (sorry) but an excellent choice given his international accolades and looks to be following in Dustin Wolf’s footsteps.

#153 – Hudson Malinoski – Toronto Maple Leafs

A late bloomer from Brooks seemed to work out once before.


#171 – Aiden Celebrini – Vancouver Canucks

Doing the reverse of the Makar pickup taking the older brother of the presumed first overall pick in 2024.

#175 – Austin Roest – Nashville Predators

A top WHL player is a good gamble at this spot.

#187 – Jeremy Hanzel – Colorado Avalanche

Great value to grab this well-rounded talented overager but now what to do with him?


#193 – Jack Harvey – Tampa Bay Lightning

With one of their few picks not a bad idea to take a top overage scorer from the USHL.

#217– Emil Jarventie – Pittsburgh Penguins

A nice chance on someone with good bloodlines.

#218– Aiden Fink – Nashville Predators

Grabbing the CJHL MVP this late in the draft is a very nice pick.


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