Welcome to Burgundy Rainbow!

We created this site in 2017 to fill in some of the gaps that larger sites left behind and as a creative outlet for our staff’s interests in the Avalanche organization as a whole. We want to tell you how and why things happen more than rushing to proclaim that they did indeed happen.

We like different media, our Burgundy Radio Network has a couple of podcasts and our YouTube channel has video of prospects, draft eligible players and a host of Avalanche material along with pre and post game shows from the Pepsi Center.

We have media credentials from the Colorado Eagles and one of our main focuses is on their stories and progress as a team and as individual players. Along with the Avs pro prospects, the amateurs get a lot of print here too.

The NHL Entry Draft every June is a passion for many of us and something we concentrate on throughout the year.

Besides the site itself, we have other outlets to inform and entertain you:

Discord – Chat server, this is home for discussion of what’s on the site, what’s happening with the Avs, all the gameday events for the Avs or Eagles or wherever Avs players and prospects are playing, and general nonsense. If you’re not familiar with how discord works, send us an email or DM us on twitter and we can help you out.

YouTube – All the site videos



Teespring – Our store for BR gear

Enjoy the site and thanks for stopping by,

The BR Staff




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