Defend the Crown! GWG Challenge: Stanley Cup Playoffs (First Round)

The reigning Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche begin their championship defense tonight in Game One against the Seattle Kraken.

Tonight, our Game Winning Goal Challenge participants will also begin their quest to claim–or reclaim–championship glory!

If you missed out on the regular season, worry not!  You still can participate in the postseason happenings and stake your claim for our championship title!  Create a username, join our Discord, and get in on the chase for the championship!

As we’ve done the past few seasons, there won’t be a bonus question on our Discord server throughout the playoffs.  Instead, you’ll craft your own five-person skating unit to earn extra points whenever they score!  Creating this skating unit is optional, but if you want to have a shot at climbing that championship mountain, you don’t want to leave any extra points to chance!

Get your guesses in…because it’s the Cup™!

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