Defend The Crown! GWG Challenge: January Week 3

Thanks to a huge effort by the defending Stanley Cup champions against the Ottawa Senators, our Game-Winning Goal Challenge participants got a huge lift in their point totals last week!

As we move to a new week and a new slate of opponents, a new opportunity to claim more points await our field of challengers.  Will you also reap the rewards that lay ahead?  There’s only one way to find out!  Create a username and join our Discord server, fill out the form below, and see how well your answers stack up against the competition!

We’ll have another bonus question hidden on the #gwg-challenge channel of our server, so don’t miss out on another chance to raise your scores even higher!

Our Game-Winning Goal Challenge moves into another week with four more chances to move up in the standings!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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