Defend The Crown! GWG Challenge: January Week 4

The final installment of our Game-Winning Goal Challenge for January sees our Stanley Cup Champions on the verge of another history-making event!

With their next victory, Colorado Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar will become the winningest coach in franchise history, and we have a special set of questions to commemorate the occasion!  If you haven’t joined the rest of our participants, this would be a great time to be a part of the fun!  Create a username, join our Discord, fill out the form below, and be a part of history when Coach Bednar is bestowed this presitgious honor!

We’ll also have a special bonus question in our #gwg-challenge channel on our Discord server, so don’t miss out on one more chance to boost your score before the end of the month!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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