GWG Challenge: October (Week 3)

Our second week of our Game-Winning Goal Challenge turned in another tie for first place, which was remarkable considering the Avs’ lackluster performance last week. Our overall leaderboard also has a tie at the top, so things are still very much up on the air as we head into the final week of the month.

(This past week could have provided a great opportunity for a brave contestant to use the Coach’s Challenge option to snag some extra points. Remember, it can be used at any point during the regular season, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it!)

Three games remain until we head into November. Will there be more tricks played on the burgundy and blue, or will there be plenty of treats to feast upon? It may be you that has a spooky good time as we approach Halloween! Haven’t decided to play along yet? Why wait any longer! Join our Discord and join the rest of the field!

We’ll have one more bonus question in our #gwg-challenge channel, so you can jump right in and get rolling with the rest of our participants!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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