Cut by Cut: Down to 47

As anticipated the second cut from Colorado Avalanche training camp came after their first preseason game and was more of a trim than anything with five games remaining. Only four in this round of cuts with the next likely either just before or after the next game on Thursday, September 19th.

The start of the junior season in the CHL begins this weekend so it was expected that forwards Luka Burzan, Alex Beaucage and Sasha Mutala would head back home after they got a taste of preseason action. Each of these members of the 2019 draft class will get the chance to build upon their experience at next year’s training camp where they will look to secure their pro contracts.

Additionally AHL contracted defenseman Sasha Larocque is assigned to the Colorado Eagles ahead of their camp beginning on Monday, September 23rd.


Aka tigervixxxen, prospect junkie.

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