Daily Cupcakes: Week in Review 3/09/19

Good morning all, welcome to all the BR  goodness from the past week all in one place. Let us know what you like!


This week’s edition of BR was recorded directly following the Anaheim disaster so as you can imagine it was a light fluffy affair. [Burgundy Radio]

Colorado Avalanche

Game by game reviews, both visual and statistical

Avs at Ducks
[Breaking Down] [Avalanche Review]

Avs vs wingy wheels
[Breaking Down] [Avalanche Review]

Vlad celebrates the return of our post-game show to YouTube [BR Post-Game]

Avs at Stars
[Breaking Down] [Avalanche Review]

SeaMill takes a look at the Avs PK woes, not good [Killing Me]


The Eagles passed Tucson for a playoff spot last week with a strong showing at the good ol’ BEC. [Eagles Desk]

Nick Henry signs his ELC and Nikolai Kovalenko gets some KHL playoff experience in this week’s PW. [Prospect Weekly]

Burgundy Rainbow Game-Winning Goal Challenge

Keep up with the standings in our weekly game of predictions. [Week 23]


Scoring LW, punchy climber for the Ardennes classics, spirit guide

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