Daily Cupcakes: November 1, 2017

Good morning all. Sandie’s got the day off so this is a “no cakes, just cup” version. Let’s get to it.

– AJ Haefele sat down with AJ Greer yesterday [BSN Avalanche]

– Anton Lindholm takes advantage of the opportunity to play with EJ [Avalanche]

– Team Canada assistant coach Craig Woodcroft has been preparing for this job his entire life [CBC]

– Lots of people interested in buying the Carolina Hurricanes, can they find the money is the big question [News&Observer]

– Canadiens finally get their offense going [Eyes On The Prize]

– Avs face the Flyers this weekend, as luck would have it they are also dealing with some key injuries [NHL.com]


Scoring LW, punchy climber for the Ardennes classics, spirit guide

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