Reclaim the Crown! GWG Challenge: November Week 1

Our Colorado Avalanche stumbled a little bit this past week, and our field of challengers did their best to make the most out of the situation.  A couple of well-timed coach’s challenge picks helped propel a couple of our contenders into the top five finishers last week to maximize a very lean week of potential points.

This coming week signals the beginning a new month, and with it, the potential for even more points to help blunt the downturn from last week.  Will you take the plung and jump into the fray with the rest of our participants?  Don’t delay: create a username, join our Discord server, fill out the question form below, and see how you kick off your campaign against the rest of the field!

We’ll have another bonus question in our #gwg-challenge channel on our Discord server, so don’t forget to take advantage of another chance to boost your score!  The bonus question has been hit or miss to start the season, but free points are free points, so don’t miss out!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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