GWG Challenge 2019-2020 Season Kickoff

The Avs are back, and so is the Burgundy Review Game Winning Goal Challenge for the 2019-2020 season!

Here’s how to play.

Submit your answers to the questions in the comments section of this article or DM them to our Twitter @AvsBRblog before the puck drop of the first game of the week. Not following us? Fix that, because there may be special Twitter only questions for more points to boost your totals!

Points will be tabulated at the conclusion of Saturday’s games and winners will be announced on our Discord channel and Twitter. Not on our Discord? Get on that, because there may be bonus points hidden there, too!

What do you win? A special tag on your and choice of your own color for your Discord handle, plus an optional shout-out on our Twitter for being our weekly points leader!

Now, let’s have some fun!

This week’s GWG Challenge questions:

1. Who will get the GWG vs Calgary (5 pts)?

1b.Who will get the GWG vs Minnesota (5 pts)?

2. Which Avalanche newcomer will score more than two points this week? (2 points)

Your choices are:








3. Which rookie defenseman (based on the opening night roster) will get their first point of the season first?

Your choices are:



Get your guesses in, and best of luck!

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