Defend the Crown! GWG Challenge: December Week 2

Our defending Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche had a bumpy start to the month of December, and unfortunately, that led to a quiet set of results for our competitors last week.

The Avs will have an opportunity to earn a road trip split before returning to the cozier (and healthier?) confines of Ball Arena.  How do you think things will turn out this week?  Will they be able to snare some victories with their thinned out roster?  Let us know what you think!  Create a username and join our Discord server, then fill out and submit the form below to see where your guesses measure up against the rest of the field!

We’ll have another bonus question in our #gwg-challenge channel on the server, so don’t forget to take advantage of an extra chance to boost your point totals!

Last week was tough, but things could turn around this week!

Get your guesses in and good luck!

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