Defend the Crown! GWG Challenge: October Week 2

After a whirlwind twenty-four hour start to the season, our defending champion Colorado Avalanche look to dial in their winning habits as we begin the first full week of the regular season!

Our Game-Winning Goal challenge participants are also looking to dial in some winning habits, as this week will provide their first opportunity to cash in on a lot of points.  If you spent last week celebrating the Avs’ return to hockey, this week will provide a great opportinity to hit the ground running!  Join our Discord server, fill out the form below, and see how your guesses measure up against the rest of the field!

We’ll have another bonus question in our #gwg-challenge channel on our Discord server, so don’t miss out on your oppotunity to earn even more points this week.  A lot of points are at stake, so banking as many points as possible could prove pivotal as the season progresses!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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