2020 NHL Draft: Three Favorite Picks from Each Round

Continuing on the series after last year’s version turned out well. These are not necessarily my favorite players, though many are, but also kudos on value and decisions made.


#10 – Cole Perfetti – Winnipeg Jets

Has to be the steal of the draft when Perfetti fell into Winnipeg’s lap. He could have easily gone in the top five. A elite forward talent.

#22 – Hendrix Lapierre – Washington Capitals

Possibly the second biggest steal and well worth jumping up a couple spots to grab the high-end playmaker Lapierre.

#24 – Connor Zary – Calgary Flames

Trading down twice and gathering two extra third round picks to take the guy they had targeted anyway is how to work a draft board. Plus Zary is a great fit for Calgary.


#34 – John-Jason Peterka – Buffalo Sabres

The second round was pretty strong in general so lots of nice picks but starting off with Peterka in the second round is a win.

#40 – Noel Gunler – Carolina Hurricanes

Same thing with Gunler, someone who easily could have been a first round pick.

#56 – Tristen Robins – San Jose Sharks

Not only Colorado’s original pick but Sharks get an underrated sleeper in Robins.


#68 – Lukas Cormier – Vegas Golden Knights

Death, taxes and Vegas taking a personal favorite one round later than expected.

#75 – Jean-Luc Foudy – Colorado Avalanche

Their best value pick and one of the better in the third round. Kudos.

#81- Wyatt Kaiser – Chicago Blackhawks

Nice pick on a smart upside gamble.


#99 – Jaromir Pytlik – New Jersey Devils

Another favorite who was a good value pick.

#107 – Jan Bernar – Detroit Red Wings

A good spot for a goaltender who once had favor and then fell but still holds promise.

#122 – William Villeneuve – Toronto Maple Leafs

Probably not a pick that excited the Leafs fan base but a real solid choice at this point in the draft.


#127 – Evan Vierling – NY Rangers

Good tools in this player.

#128 – Martin Chromiak – LA Kings

Skill upside here is always welcome.

#143 – Ryan Francis – Calgary Flames

A typical Calgary pick on a smaller skilled forward.


#176 – Samuel Johannesson – Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus really did their homework to find this overage gem who has a lot of upside from the backend.

#178 – Connor McClennon – Philadelphia Flyers

Big gamble on a smaller player with nice skill.

#186 – Amir Miftakhov – Tampa Bay Lightning

The champs grab this near NA pro ready goaltender at the bottom of the draft.


#204 – Ben McCartney – Arizona Coyotes

Hard working overage forward could be a useful addition.

#208 – Ronan Seeley – Carolina Hurricanes

Really high ceiling offensive defenseman this late is just Carolina getting richer.

#212 – Devon Levi – Florida Panthers

A smaller but talent goalie with one of the last picks in the draft


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