2019 Draft: Three Favorite Picks From Each Round

Before analyzing each new Avalanche draft pick, a quick look at how the draft went as a whole for the entire league. A few personal favorites make the list but also smart gambles and good value abound.


Round 1

#4 – Bowen Byram – Colorado Avalanche 

There aren’t enough superlatives for this pick. A home run in every sense.

#10 – Vasili Podkolzin – Vancouver Canucks

A gem of a player and sneaky good value at 10th.

#11 – Victor Soderstrom – Arizona Coyotes

Some panned this trade to just move within the defenseman run but the Coyotes got the best one.


Round 2

#38 – Raphael Lavoie – Edmonton Oilers

An expected faller but at this point the talent obtained makes a great pick.

#55 – Dillon Hamaliuk – San Jose Sharks

Perhaps selected a touch high but with their second pick of the round the Sharks make a sneaky steal on an injury faller.

#62 – Nikita Alexandrov – St Louis Blues

A nice upside choice for their first pick of the draft and may have caused the Avalanche to panic in their wake.


Round 3

#74 – Nathan Legare – Pittsburgh Penguins

Good value on a personal favorite. 45 goals!

#79 – Pavel Dorofeyev – Vegas Golden Knights

Was predictable Vegas grabbing a gem here.

#85 – Ilya Konovalov – Edmonton Oilers

Possibly the best goaltender value pick in the draft.


Round 4

#105 – Michal Teply – Chicago Blackhawks

Good sneaky upside grab.

#108 – Yegor Spiridonov – San Jose Sharks

The Sharks did well grabbing several Russians.

#122 – Ethan Keppen – Vancouver Canucks

A good player who somewhat fell through the cracks.


Round 5

#130 – Leevi Aaltonen – NY Rangers

A great place to take a chance on a small speedy player.

#140 – Sasha Mutala – Colorado Avalanche

Diving back into the WHL paid off with high talent faller.

#149 – Matvey Guskov – Minnesota Wild

Another team who got rewarded looking for CHL fallers early.


Round 6

#158 – Patrick Moynihan – New Jersey Devils

Good place for a chance on a depth NTDP player.

#171 – Luka Burzan – Colorado Avalanche

Grabbed one of the top overagers at a nice value.

#178 – Felix Bibeau – NY Islanders

Maybe not the best for return on investment but this player deserved to get drafted.


Round 7

#201 – Rafael Harvey-Pinard – Montreal Canadiens

Another hard working winner who deserved to get selected.

#207 – Valentin Nussbaumer – Arizona Coyotes

Untapped upside in this nice gamble.

#216 – Missimo Rizzo – Carolina Hurricanes

Excellent skill grab for second to last pick in the draft.


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