GWG Challenge: #ReturnToRigged (Stanley Cup First Round)

The warm-up round is over; now it’s time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs to begin for real!

Our Game Winning Goal Challenge is also ready for the first round! Thanks to some great drafting at the start of the qualifying round, the payoff was immediate, as nearly half of our GWG participants earning at least thirty points at the conclusion of last week’s games! Outstanding!

Now, we’re back with another set of questions to last throughout the first round! If the results from the qualifying round are any indication, this will be another high-scoring playoff round, but the only way to ensure that happens is if you submit your answers to the questions below!

As mentioned last week, the GWG format is exactly the same as the regular season, with extra points from all our participants’ draft lines providing a little extra playoff push as the first round progresses. There could be some changes in the standings, but that will depend on how well your draft lines perform as well as you answers!

The participant(s) with the most points after the first round will get the special Discord name and color change, and the winner of each playoff round will receive the same treatment. The GWG participant with the most points in the postseason will earn the title of GWG Challenge MVP, and the overall points winner will be crowned our 2019-2020 Burgundy Review Game Winning Goal Challenge Champion!

You have until puck drop on Wednesday before the start of Game One against Arizona, so get those guesses in, and good luck!

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