GWG Challenge: December Week 1

The Burgundy Review Game-Winning Goal Challenge is ready to kick off holidays with another new series of questions!

We had a very exciting month of November, with plenty of kudos to go around for each of our weekly winners we had last month!  Your savvy picks paid off and earned you bragging rights among our Discord community!  Way to go, everyone; I’m glad to see so many people participating and having fun this season!

We start this month with a fresh new face as our monthly points leader, too!  December is a big month with a lot of points on the table, so if you haven’t joined in the fun yet, now is the perfect time to join us for the holidays!  Create a user account for our Discord server, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for those special bonus questions in our #gwg-challenge channel to boost your score!

There won’t be any bonus points this week, but there could be more coming next week for some extra holiday cheer!

Get your guesses in, and best of luck!

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