Prospect Weekly: Check-in on Conor Timmins

When Conor Timmins was reassigned to the AHL with the Colorado Eagles on October 7th it was accepted that he needed some development time but would be back in the NHL soon. Now a month and ten games later is a good time to check-in on Timmins’ progress.

Timmins is often teamed up with Kevin Connauton and while pairing order is fluid in the AHL the duo generally sees top four minutes. Connauton is regularly an adventure so Timmins gets plenty of work in the defensive zone with some mixed results. As far as special situations Timmins quarterbacks the second power play unit and takes regular shifts on the penalty kill.

In his sixth game Timmins finally scored his first professional goal in a 6-5 loss in San Diego. This is a very typical type of look from him as he reads the play and moves down into to space to fire a shot on goal. This was very reminiscent of the goal Timmins scored in preseason against the Minnesota Wild.

I had the opportunity to watch Timmins live over the last week and was impressed with his puck moving ability even in a 4-0 loss. He will need to focus on shooting the puck more as he has only put 16 shots on net through 16 games including four that came in the contest where he scored the goal. Finding defensive consistency is always an objective in the AHL and also managing the loose chaotic structure in the meantime. Timmins has made good plays on both sides of the puck but not without some errors.

Thus far Timmins has scored five points including the aforementioned goal and four assists. The assists have all been secondary because Timmins has a knack for being involved in the play and getting puck touches that eventually become goals. He could stand however to push the pace more and make some aggressive offensive plays which would lead to more primary points.

Timmins has handled the physicality well thus far. While he hasn’t taken a big open ice shot or along the boards but he has absorbed a couple heavy hits and kept on going. In the most recent game Timmins dodged what was lining up as a massive open ice hit as he pushed the puck forward and spun out of any contact. It is good to see him aware of potential danger but he will have to keep finding strategies to avoid the worst without losing the puck.

The bottom line is Timmins is progressing even if the Colorado Eagles are a frustrating team much of the time. He should be ready and able to handle another stint in the NHL should the Avalanche desire his services and Timmins will probably find more growth in the NHL setting as well. Continuing to work on his defensive coverage and offense are goals in mind but he’s adapted well to the pace and involvement of play in the AHL.


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