Daily Cupcakes: Week in Review, 1/10/19

Good morning all, a bit of a new feature we’re bringing our loyal readers today. In case you missed anything it’s all right here, sorted and everything. Let us know what you like!


Burgundy Radio: Canadian Death March

Colorado Avalanche

Game by game reviews, both visual and statistical

Avalanche Review Game 42: Avs 6, Rangers 1, Penalty Palooza
Breaking Down: Avs/Rangers, Game #42

Avalanche Review Game 43: Jets 7, Avs 4, Hard Goalie Truth
Breaking Down: Avs/Jets, Game #43

Breaking Down: Avs/Flames, Game #44


Breaking Down: Avs Prospects at WJCs

Prospect Weekly: All the Glory

From the Eagles Desk: Hello Offense

Rudo’s Corner

Avalanche Trade Tree History Episode 1: The First Trade

Avalanche Trade Tree History Episode 2: Three More Small Trades

These are fascinating by the way, highly recommend keeping an eye on this series.

Mikko Rantanen Top 5 Plays So Far… (2018-19)

Without Landy – Rudo3 (Explicit)

Burgundy Rainbow Game-Winning Goal Challenge

Keep up with the standings in our weekly game of predictions

GWG Challenge Week 15


Scoring LW, punchy climber for the Ardennes classics, spirit guide

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