Daily Cupcakes: February 15th, 2018

Hey All, NoNeedToYelle here pinch hitting for Sandie on the Cupcakes…hope you enjoy!

Colorado Avalanche

Gabriel Bourque has made the most of his chances this time around.  He appears to be earning not just a role, but also some respect.  Denver Post

Got Kamenev?  Dan Weiss Twitter

Another reason for Avs fans to look forward to the future.  Hint:  They are at the bottom (and that’s a good thing in this case).  Colin Cudmore Twitter


Can the Unites States Women’s Hockey Team solve their silver streak? ESPN

Not a good start for Former Av Ryan Stoa and his Team USA mates CBS Sports

Around the League

Are you a stat head?  Do you subscribe to BSN Denver?  If so, Andre Simone plans on having you covered. (Link is Free Content).  BSN Denver

Eric Gelinas (yes, that one) Revival?  Montreal Gazette

A good week for Canadian GM’s.  First Dorion in Ottawa, now Benning in Vancouver are re-upped to lead their respective teams forward through the next wave of potential expansion.  NHL

So you think you wanna be an Enforcer?  Here’s a glimpse into what life can be like for former NHL fighters.  CBC News

IPads behind the bench…putting key statistical information at your fingertips and feet in mouth.  The Star




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