Daily Cupcakes: December 31st, 2018

Good morning all, and Happy New Year! Sandie is on assignment, let’s get to it.

Colorado Avalanche

Three Avs prospects in one WJC game? You bet, and one of them scored the game-winner. [Avs]

Not a lot of good happening to the beloved Avs lately. [BSN]

The Eagles were a little bit scruffy yesterday too. [Eagles]

The Rest of the Game

A few weeks ago the Avs broke a couple Oilers defensemen. So… they made one bad trade yesterday [TSN] and then another. [TSN]

The NHLPA thought Dallas Stars CEO Jim Lites’ comments about Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin were pretty uncool. [Sportsnet]


Scoring LW, punchy climber for the Ardennes classics, spirit guide

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