Talking Out Our Avs: Prospect Monthly + Junior League Discussion

The TOOA crew is back to covering the Avs prospects as the season starts to ramp up for everyone and also talks about some of the differences between different junior leagues that harbor many of the NHL draft eligible players. Finally, we just couldn’t keep ourselves from giving a rundown of some of the Avs options for the 2019 draft.


2 thoughts on “Talking Out Our Avs: Prospect Monthly + Junior League Discussion

  • October 25, 2018 at 7:11 AM

    Really special and great episode! Much I didn’t know about the junior leagues and also really appreciate the time you spend watching games on avs picks. I lose interest a bit when it comes to the draft rankings but obviously lots of people find that very interesting (will get more interested later in the season for sure). The league systems in Sweden and I guess Finland are special in the sense that teams move up and down tiers based on performance, I don’t think that was mentioned, maybe that’s common knowledge but it didn’t seem like that in the show. A team can start in basically the tier 6 league and move up the system all the way to the SHL over 6 seasons if the excel at each level.
    Now if Ottawa can just start sucking a bit more.

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