Eagles Review Round 1, Game 5: Thunder 5, Eagles 4, OT + Travis Barron Interview

A much better effort for the Eagles but mistakes proved costly.

Travis Barron Interview:

Rudo: “Not the result you guys wanted tonight but, you fought back hard in the 3rd period. What do you need to clean up to win game 6?”

Barron: “It was a good comeback, honestly I don’t think we need to change much. We controlled the most part of that game. A couple of bounces here and there would have helped, at the end of the day it’s a long series and hopefully we can close it out in game 6.”

Rudo: “The ‘Avs Prospect Line’ of Beaudin, Nantel and yourself really seemed to click in this game, what was working?”

Barron: “Using our speed, we are fast, comfortable with each other, having fun and trying stuff. Hopefully we can score more goals.”

Travis Barron warming up before game 5. Photo credit to @thevoiceofvlad

Rudo: “It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for you, going from the OHL playoffs with the 67’s, signing your ELC, playing your first pro games with the Rampage in the AHL and now playing in the ECHL playoffs. How has the adjustment to the pro game been?”

Barron: “It’s been pretty hectic the last couple weeks, I didn’t know where I was going to go and here I am, really happy to be a pro now. The team and guys here are making the transition pretty easy for me.”

Rudo: “You signed your contract during the OHL playoffs, was that a long time coming or did it come together quickly?”

Barron: “There were some talks here and there throughout the year. It’s nice to get the closure, sign the paperwork and be part of the Avs.”

Rudo: “You had a career year in Ottawa putting up a career high in both goals and assists, what area of your game has progressed the most?”

Barron: “I think my skating has come a long way over the past couple of years. It’s something I’ve been really striving for. Confidence is a big thing in junior hockey and I had a good line with Tye Felhaber and Sasha Chmelevski who have also had a lot of success so I give a lot of credit to them for the year I had.”

Rudo: “Being part of the Avs you have been in Colorado a few times before, did that help with adjusting here in Loveland?”

Barron: “Yea, I’m pretty comfortable with the airport now, it was pretty confusing my first time. That was probably my most stressful time at the airport so, now I know my way around that.”

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