Breaking Down: Avs/Sharks, Game 81

The Avs managed to score some goals last night, but not enough to force the Blues into an elimination game tonight. The season comes down to game 82 on Saturday night, win in regulation and they’re in for sure.

Team Stats

After a very strong start by San Jose, including a goal and an 11-1 shot run right after, the Avs wrestled away control of the game and dominated possession for the next 20 minutes or so with a 27-8 run. From there, we were treated to some fairly uninspired play by both clubs until the 3rd when the floodgates opened. The Avs tied the game, gave up 2 then got one back with 7 minutes to go. The 3rd goal was nowhere to be found amongst some fairly hideous 6v5 shifts.

Final tally was a +60/-56, which is a lot more high-event than it felt. In SOG all-situations the Avs fell behind 36-25, which also feels like a lot more than it looked like on TV. The Sharks blocked 28 shots and continuously chipped the puck out of the zone without possession. Their goal was limiting danger and sustained pressure and it worked like a charm.

The Avs were a perfect 1-for-1 on the power play but could only kill 1 out of 2 penalties.


The defensive regime went Barrie, Girard, a gap to Big Z, Barbs and Nemeth, then Warsofsky trailing with 12:27 at 5v5.

Top 6 forwards were Mack, Mikko, Landy, Jost, Comeau, Soderberg at 5v5 and MOL the same overall thanks to a light special teams night. Colin Wilson and Gabe Bourque barely played with neither coming close to the 9 minute mark.


– All around everyone had a pretty decent night. PP1 and Carl’s line had the goals. The Sharks 1st goal was fluky, the 2nd was on a PP and the 4th was ENG. That said, 60 shot attempts at 5v5 leading to only one goal is just more of the same problem with not being able to finish.

– Tyson Barrie will get some blame for being on ice for all the non-PK goals and I guess some of that is warranted. With EJ out he has to be both the dynamic offensive player he normally is with the added responsibility of playing top-pair too. It’s a little outside his comfort zone but he’s many miles better than in the past handling such a role.

– Fans are really getting on Mack for not producing but he’s getting star treatment now and learning how to deal with it. At 5v5 he had 11 shot attempts which led to 4 SOG which led to 0 goals. I’m sure he’s more frustrated than the fans are but he’s doing his job other than being 90% of the offense like he was a month ago.

Burgundy Narrative Metric

– “Best guys being your best guys” gets a (-) They were good, just no good enough
– Corsi gets a (+) small victories
– Power Play gets a (+) but 6v5 is still really awful
– Turtle gets a (-) even tho it felt like it at times, it wasn’t there
– Varly% gets a (n/a) and Bernie was ok I guess
Referee Oppression Index gets a (-) Another nice laissez faire call. Mack went bonkers after being boarded behind the Sharks net late late in the game, so a couple points off there.

Total: -¼

/ / / / / /

The season is one game and one game is the season. Saturday night, be there or be square.


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