Daily Cupcakes: March 1st, 2018

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado’s forgotten prospect, Duncan Siemens,  is making people remember him now. [BSN Denver]

These are the voices you will be hearing in the Denver airport “Train Call” after 75,000 people voted. Alan Roach will still be the male voice heard at DIA. [The Know]


The Rest of the Game

Hurricanes’ Jordan Staal releases statement after death of daughter. [Sporting News]

Player tracking coming to the NHL? It’s complicated. [ESPN]

NHL still has long way to go until hockey is truly for everyone. [NBC Bay Area]

Pop-up hockey: How the NHL creates its outdoor ice rinks. [The Spec]

Despite hosting NHL draft, Canucks still likely to lose lottery. [Sportsnet]

NHL Trade deadline reshapes American Hockey League landscape. [NHL]

The playoff roller coaster for Canadian NHL teams is back in a trough again. [National Post]


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