Breaking Down: Avalanche/Devils, Game 2

The Avs are now 1-1 after a 4-1 loss to the Devils. Folks are latching on to the shot differential being a positive yesterday but we all know how score effects work now so it was pretty meaningless. The positive we should take is that the team still has yet to give up a goal at even strength.

Team Performance

The Avs managed a positive shot attempts for percentage at 51.8% but score effects knock that back below 50% for the day. Score-adjusted shots on goal and scoring chances were slightly positive, what we’re seeing is that the Avs are holding their own in posession early on this season despite some problems elsewhere.

The problems are special teams and they are doozies. The PK gave up another 3 goals yesterday and are now 5/10 on the season. Totally unacceptable. 8 different forwards played PK yesterday and 9 did on Thursday. Yes, the refs are calling a ton of penalties so you can’t just leave it to 4 guys but this committee deal isn’t getting to done. PK requires chemistry just as much as the PP does.

Speaking of the PP, it got blanked 0-for-6. Sort of. Carl Soderberg’s goal came a second after a penalty expired so in real life it was a PPG if not on the scoreboard. On the other hand, the Avs soft sloppy play allowed a shortie as well so 0/6 is a pretty good expression of the day’s work. Overall it’s 1/11 (9.1%) on the season. The one goal they did score (Mikko) was exactly what I’m sure Ray Bennett is teaching, two Royal Road passes in a row and right in the net. So they know what to do, they’re just not doing it.

Time On Ice

EJ & Barrie led the D and team in TOI with almost 24 minutes each. Barrie played slightly more 5v5. Big Z had over 19 minutes in his season debut and was 2nd behind Nemeth in PK time. Lindy was eased back in to the lineup as the obvious 6th guy.

The Mack line led forwards in icetime 5v5 with Landy/Compher pretty close behind. Colin Wilson was shifted to the 4th line later in the game while Tyson Jost started taking his shifts. The staff seem to be having trouble finding ways to use Kerfoot & Yakupov which is a shame because they’ve both been good. Yak especially could use a bump in playing time because he’s been a consistent plus when on the ice.


– Like Thursday the goalie was the hero although this time in a loss. While 35/39 (.897) doesn’t sound great he saved the day multiple times and kept the Avs EvStrSv% at a perfect 1.000

– I had major doubts about Carl Soderberg returning to the lineup but he came out loaded for Bear. He ended up ahead of only Blake Comeau in ice time, both 5v5 and all, but made good use of it. Scored the Avs lone goal and was engaged at both ends of the rink. I hope JB gave him a pat on the back after this one.

– After a fantastic game against the Rangers both Landy and Compher got on the strugglebus. What they’ve been asked to do, be the shutdown guys, isn’t sexy but there really isn’t anyone else on the team that can handle it. I think this could be a case when they were overwhelmed.

– Tyson Barrie had a wonderful game (ignoring the PP of course). He was +24/-12 in shot attempts and tied for the team lead with 6 shots on goal.

– Coach Bednar called out the Sven/Mack/Mikko line after the game for being “too light, too quiet” and the eye test agrees if the stat lines don’t. Despite CF% in the 60-70 range, they were noticeably ineffective.

Burgundy Narrative Metric

– “Best guys being your best guys” gets a (-). Barrie and maybe Dutch are the only guys that keep this from being a clean sweep
– Corsi gets an (even) with a faint (-). Again
– Power Play gets a (-) Terrible, terrible terrible
– Turtle gets an (even), since they never had a lead
– Varly% gets a n/a, although if we project Bernie here it’s a straight up (+)

Total: -2

/ / / / / /

The Avs are already in Boston preparing for tomorrow’s 1pm ET game vs the B’s


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