Duncan Siemens Waived

It appears as if the opportunity has been missed for Duncan Siemens to cement himself as a regular on the Colorado Avalanche roster.  Today the organization made the decision to place him on waivers.

The former #11 overall selection in the 2011 NHL draft has had a tumultuous career with the Avs to this point.  As the team cycled through veteran defenseman after veteran defenseman in an attempt that shore up what has been a historically weak defensive corps the former high draft pick was never given a real chance to step up to that role.  Somewhat curiously, it wasn’t really until this off season that he was given a fair shot in training camp to show what he could provide to the team.  In past years he received little to no game time and was sent down without a chance.  This year he had a whole camp and 3 preseason games (including time with the organizations best defender) to show off his skills.  He was simply beaten out by others looking for a similar chance.

This may not be the end for Siemens in Colorado, but it certainly seems that way.  He has another year of RFA eligibility and he’s unlikely to be claimed off waivers.  Injuries could occur that force the teams hand at a call up and maybe he runs with it.  What a story that would be.  But also, I can’t help but feel like the organization views him as anything but extreme depth who will be passed over by the next defenseman with potential who is coming up through the ranks.

The modern game, the Avalanche recent trend towards puck moving defensemen, and Siemens old school game all signify that it may be time for everyone to look for a fresh start.

Good luck to Duncan. Hopefully you get your shot soon.

Update::  Duncan Diemens has cleared waivers.

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