Defend the Crown! GWG Challenge: March VLADness Week 2

There’s no place like home, and after our defending champions had a rough start to begin March, they certainly could use some time at home!

This week’s March VLADness questions feature four (4) Game-Winning goal questions at ten (10) points each, and after what happened last week, this week would certainly help our field of players rebound!

Will you join them?  If so, create a username and join our Discord server, then fill out the form below and send your guesses in!  We’ll also have a special bonus question hidden in our #gwg-challenge channel on our server, so don’t miss out on one more chance to boost your score!

Don’t wait much longer to play!  The puck drops on this week’s games very soon, so don’t wait to throw your hat into the ring!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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