GWG Challenge: March VLADness Week 3

The Game-Winning Goal Challenge is back for the second half of March!

We had even more of our participants take advantage of the double-point bonus for correctly answering the game-winning goal questions!  As a result, more of our players are climbing up in the standings and making a play for the top spot in the standings!

With several more games throughout the remaining two and half weeks of the month, this is a perfect time to join the race for first place on our leaderboard!  If you haven’t joined us yet, why wait any longer?  Join our Discord server, fill out the form below, and see how well you stack up against the competition!

Be sure to check out our #gwg-challenge channel in our Discord server for extra opportunities to snag even more points!  An additional point or two can separate you from the pack, or put you a little closer to the top of the mountain!

Get your guesses in, and good luck!

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