Dreaming of the Draft: Final Mock Version 2.0

To conclude our mock series, Nathan Chapman (@ncchapman15) has joined me to offer up our final predictions for the first round before the festivities begin on draft night of October 6th. Which one of us will get the most correct?

1. New York Rangers

NC: Alexis Lafreniere (LW)

QJ: Alexis Lafreniere (LW)

This one is obvious, book it.

2. Los Angeles Kings

NC: Tim Stutzle (C)

QJ: Tim Stutzle (C)

Sort of a sneaking suspicion seems to have turned into a favorable bet that LA will take the high-end German.

3. Ottawa Senators (via San Jose)

NC: Quinton Byfield (C)

QJ: Quinton Byfield (C)

Been long billed as an immediate pick of the guy who is left after the second selection.

4. Detroit Red Wings

NC: Jake Sanderson (LD)

QJ: Cole Perfetti (C)

Taking the defenseman here would continue the trend of one in the top five every year since 2004.

5. Ottawa Senators

NC: Cole Perfetti (C)

QJ: Jack Quinn (RW)

Either way Ottawa gets a great compliment to their selection at three.

6. Anaheim Ducks

NC: Jamie Drysdale (RD)

QJ: Jake Sanderson (LD)

Anaheim is certain to develop a great defenseman with this pick.

7. New Jersey Devils

NC: Jack Quinn (RW)

QJ: Lucas Raymond (LW)

Help for Jack Hughes is in sight.

8. Buffalo Sabres

NC: Lucas Raymond (LW)

QJ: Jamie Drysdale (RD)

Buffalo needs to try something different with their annual selection at eight.

9. Minnesota Wild

NC: Marco Rossi (C)

QJ: Hendrix Lapierre (C)

Minnesota has to address their hole at center here, right?

10. Winnipeg Jets

NC: Braden Schneider (RD)

QJ: Braden Schneider (RD)

Jets seem an easy target to start the next tier D run.

11. Nashville Predators

NC: Alexander Holtz (RW)

QJ: Marco Rossi (C)

Nashville might be the beneficiary of a steal in this position.

12. Florida Panthers

NC: Kaiden Guhle (LD)

QJ: Kaiden Guhle (LD)

Florida clearly needs to rebuild their defense.

13. Carolina Hurricanes (via Toronto)

NC: Yaroslav Askarov (G)

QJ: Alexander Holtz (RW)

Carolina will have a lot of options.

14. Edmonton Oilers

NC: Dawson Mercer (C)

QJ: Seth Jarvis (C)

Edmonton’s shine on Jarvis hardly a secret.

15. Toronto Maple Leafs (via Pittsburgh)

NC: Seth Jarvis (C)

QJ: Jan Mysak (C)

Either way Toronto looking for their type of skill.

16. Montreal Canadiens

NC: Anton Lundell (C)

QJ: Yaroslav Askarov (G)

With a strong forward group this feels like the floor for Askarov.

17. Chicago Blackhawks

NC: Noel Gunler (RW)

QJ: John-Jason Peterka (LW)

London Knights and Chicago connection on Peterka…hmm.

18. New Jersey Devils (via Arizona)

NC: Helge Grans (LD)

QJ: Anton Lundell (C)

Would be the floor for Lundell in a sea of flashier forwards.

19. Calgary Flames

NC: Connor Zary (C)

QJ: Ridly Grieg (C)

Tenacious WHLers sounds like Calgary.

20. New Jersey Devils (via Vancouver)

NC: Dylan Holloway (C)

QJ: William Wallinder (RD)

New Jersey can get a little bit of everything.

21. Columbus Blue Jackets

NC: Hendrix Lapierre (C)

QJ: Lucas Reichel (LW)

Columbus needs to keep adding skill to their forward core

22. New York Rangers (via Carolina)

NC: William Wallinder (RD)

QJ: Dylan Holloway (C)

Both would be nice compliments to Lafrenière

23. Philadelphia Flyers

NC: Lukas Reichel (LW)

QJ: Dawson Mercer (C)

Philadelphia loves either smart and hard working.

24. Washington Capitals

NC: Rodion Amirov (LW)

QJ: Jacob Perreault (RW)

Washington poised to grab a good forward now ahead of Colorado.

25. Colorado Avalanche

NC: Jake Neighbours (LW)

QJ: Rodion Amirov (LW)

Can Colorado take an upside European here, please?

26. St. Louis Blues

NC: Ridley Greig (C)

QJ: Helge Grans (LD)

Defense should be the plan for St. Louis.

27. Anaheim Ducks (via Boston)

NC: Mavrik Bourque (C)

QJ: Brendan Brisson (C)

Smart centers are Anaheim’s jam.

28. Ottawa Senators (via NY Islanders)

NC: Topi Niemela (RD)

QJ: Justin Barron (RD)

Going defense with their third first round pick seems likely for Ottawa.

29. Vegas Golden Knights

NC: Ozzy Wiesblatt (RW)

QJ: Conor Zary (C)

Vegas gobbling up WHL fallers is a tradition now.

30. Dallas Stars

NC: Jacob Perreault (RW)

QJ: Noel Gunler (RW)

Dallas loves their snipers.

31. San Jose Sharks (via Tampa Bay)

NC: John-Jason Peterka (LW)

QJ: Shakir Mukhamadullin (LD)

Add one more Russian defenseman to close out the round.


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