Prospect Weekly: Lucky Trio

The luck of the Irish may come in the form of a three-leaf clover as currently this is the second year that the triumvirate of Colorado Avalanche prospects have been together at the University of Notre Dame. This will also be the last as Cam Morrison will graduate in the spring while Sophomore defenseman Nicky Leivermann and Nate Clurman will very likely remain in school to carry on the torch. All three have had a successful season even as Notre Dame has taken a step back from their usual NCAA tournament contender perch with a 14-12-6 record.

Nate Clurman has been elevated in the lineup this season to take on a steady top four role and as a result has seen his production increase. His nine points, all assists, in 32 games is already triple the output from his freshman year. Clurman is a jack-of-all trades type and can contribute in many different areas. While he leans more defensive he can move the puck and create plays such as this tremendous stretch pass which led to an overtime winning goal.

Cam Morrison’s stat line of 24 points with 10 goals in 32 games might not jump off the page but he is co-leading the team in scoring. Morrison pretty much has settled into who he is at this point. While lacking much dynamic quality he does have a knack for finding his way around the front of the net and converting goals when he gets the space to do so such as on this rush seen below. Morrison also has a tendency to show up in big moments but with Notre Dame on the outside looking in for a tournament bid right now he may not have the chance again.

Nicky Leivermann is the offensive rover on the team as his creativity and ability to improvise sets him apart from his teammates. Below his fifth career goal is scored as he jumps into space and fires the puck past a screen. Four of his goals have been scored against his hometown team Minnesota in a fun twist of fate. Leivermann has scored 12 points in 27 games in more of a third pair or offensive specialist role this season but he is getting much more usage than in his freshman year.

As mentioned earlier Morrison will move on from the NCAA after this season and the Avalanche have until August 15th to offer him a two-year Entry Level Contract. He can also sign a try-out with the Colorado Eagles once Notre Dame’s season concludes sometime in March. Clurman and especially Leivermann should look for increased roles in their junior years as they work toward earning a NHL contract upon graduation.


Credit Notre Dame for the photo


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