GWG Challenge: November Week 1

Welcome to a brand new month for the Burgundy Review Game Winning Goal Challenge, and we’re switching things up to kick off November!

First off, in order to make sure that everyone has a good time and wants to keep participating, I am switching up the format slightly.

What’s staying the same: We will still have weekly GWG Challenge winners that will still have their choice of a Discord username and a special “GWG” tag attached to their handle.

What is changing: The winners of each month of games will get a special prize!  This means that, in order to ensure that everyone playing has a shot at the prize, I will reset all of the point totals at the beginning of every month.  Don’t worry, I am still keeping a running tally of all of the points every player earns throughout the season, but only the participants who have the highest point totals each month will be eligible for the special prize!  I will include updated standings for the month and the year after the conclusion of each week of games in our #gwg-channel on the Discord server.

Due to the late posting of this article, there will be no Discord bonus this week, but it is a brand new month and everyone starts on a level playing field, so get your picks in!  I will extend the submission time until the end of the third period during the game against the Dallas Stars to allow as many submissions to come in as possible!

Get your guesses in, and best of luck!

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