GWG Challenge: Week 2

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to Week Two of the Burgundy Review Game-Winning Goal Challenge!

We got off to a bit of a rushed start last week, but things should be much smoother going forward!

The submission process is going to look a little different compared to last year.  We’re turning to the power of Google Forms for everyone to fill out entry submissions.  I will receive all of the responses and tabulate all of point totals at the conclusion of Saturday’s games.

There will opportunities for bonus points in the #gwg-challenge channel on our Discord server, and quite possibly on our Twitter feed @AvsBRblog.

New this year to the GWG Challenge: those participating from our Discord server who earn the most points in a calendar month just might receive special recognition in addition to choosing a new color for their Discord handle and the “GWG” tag for weekly honors!

Get your guesses in, and best of luck!

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