Welcome to Burgundy Review: The Next Step

Good morning all. Two years ago our fair site made it’s debut with this article explaining who we are and what our intentions were. I think we’ve done that and explored many other avenues over these past couple of seasons, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

For those that don’t know the origin of the burgundy rainbow meme, it was a character that no matter what was the eternal optimist in the darkest times. Truth be told it was also a wee bit sarcastic. As every Avs fan that’s been around for the last decade or more knows, the organization has been tough to love at times since the dynasty years. The burgundy rainbow character was a counterweight to the despair that pervaded Avalanche fandom year after year. Coming off one of the worst non-expansion seasons in NHL history it was a perfect symbol for what we were planning to do. [note: the Avs have made the playoffs every year we’ve been in existence]

For several reasons the time has come to shift away from that meme and change our name to Burgundy Review. Most of all, it’s basically an inside joke and folks that aren’t in on it probably don’t take a site named as such all that seriously, which is ok because we don’t take ourselves overly seriously but getting a little more grounded never hurts. We do take ourselves seriously enough that having a more mainstream site name provides some benefits.

There are no plans to change what we do. Our irreverent podcasts, in-depth analysis – visual and written, rants on prospects and everything else will continue to evolve and hopefully entertain you, dear reader. Thanks for being there and hold on, the season begins today!


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