Sea Mill’s Rumor Mill January 21st, 2019

With the trade deadline looming closer, the Avs have appeared in more trade rumors over the past couple weeks. However, with the recent struggle and falling in the standings, the Av’s outlook looks to be in a bit of an unsure state. Do they want to add to make for a playoff appearance? Do they want to stay the course they have been going and be patient with the young kids? Its very unsure, and the more time goes on, the more holes seem to be appearing in the team. The recent performance of Alexander Kerfoot and the demotion of Tyson Jost has had fans worried about what the second line will be going forward. Though the emergance of the new Soderberg line has sastiated fans worries for now.

Recently the Avs rumors about connections to the Rangers have popped up a bit more. Something curious is that the Rangers had 2 scouts at the Avs game vs the LA Kings and later went to the Eagles game later that night as well.

This could be nothing, as Loveland is just a short hop away from Denver, but it seems only logical that they would only make an effort to get to that game the same night if there was something they were specifically looking for.
Kevin Hayes seems to be the obvious target for the Avs. Carl Soderberg’s contract ends next year, and Kerfoot’s performance doesnt have the confidence for an heir 2C. Kevin Hayes fits that bill. However, a dark horse for the Rangers is Mats Zuccarello. He hasnt been linked with the Avs but the small winger seems to be something the Avs need if they can get him for the right price. Size is something the Avs have been lacking in their bottom 6 as of late so adding Zuccarello wouldnt necessarily be the most logical thing to do, but his stats are no laughing matter. With over 50 points last year and on pace for another 50+ point season, this could be a way of bolstering depth scoring. The Rangers wont want to get rid of any young guys like Pionk or Skjei. Hayes and Zuccarello have both been talked about plenty, but there is no doubt the reality is there that there have been some interest both ways.

Another interesting development is the full house of scouts at Av’s game against the Preds in Denver.

This is common for games, and it mostly isnt something big brewing, but it is good to see some old faces. Former Av Fedor Tyutin from CBJ and former Nordique Michae Goulet from ANA.

On a more sour note, Erik Johnson has been sidelined for a couple games. Going through concussion protocol that takes EJ out for at least 2 games after taking a puck to the face.

The Avs have called up Anton Lindholm and Dom Toninato in response

Lindholm likely is just here as a precaution because Barberio is healthy and both he and Nemeth likely get in while EJ is out. If you are wondering why Graves isnt the choice, since he did so well last call up, word on the street is that they are worried about losing Graves on waivers. He would have to pass through them if he plays one more game in the NHL. Seems to me to be over cautious. Avs will have this problem again next season, but alas, the front office has their reasons.

Thats it for Sea Mill’s Rumor Mill for now. Until next time, GoAvsGo!


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