Burgundy Radio: Nice (12/17/2018)

Steph was uploading this episode when the news broke that the Avs had reassigned AJ Greer and Mark Alt. But they also talked to Earl, Jackie, and Rudo about Colorado’s struggles with defending and goaltending this week, how important JT Compher is, and nobody can figure out why you would choose to only keep 12 forwards!

(You can be assured our collective reaction to the re-assignment is a loud, pained groan.)

(Still no Mixcloud; I’ve got a potential fix tied up in processing.)


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One thought on “Burgundy Radio: Nice (12/17/2018)

  • December 18, 2018 at 8:11 AM

    Good podcast as always. But just because the refs are letting ugly hits go too much doesn’t mean they should be easier on the slashes! The removal of slashings, hookings and trippings are awesome, I think they should be harder on that shit even. Those are mostly just lazy dirty plays that injure great players and prevent great plays anyway. Kids growing up need to learn not to do them, it’s not hard, just use your skates instead. I think they are too hard on big hits even, that is an exciting part of the game, make sure clean hits are encouraged but head shots are removed somehow, why not compensate Cole for the game he was sent out of for example?
    Things that add nothing exciting to the sport and are ONLY negative and should be severly punished: Slashing, hooking, tripping, cross checking, diving (better to punish one too much than letting one too many go I’d say!).
    Hits, body checks and hip checks are a big part of the game and there is too few finished checks in this league.

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