Eagles Weekly Review Week 2: Undefeated Francouz

After a slow week 1, the Eagles look near dominant in the AHL winning all 4 of their games the past two weekends.

Logan O’Connor on working towards an NHL opportunity:

“I think strength is a huge aspect, obviously the pro game is a lot stronger, faster so that’s more of a weight room thing off the ice. On the ice I think on the half wall and sort of getting pucks deep when I should and skating when I should, those small plays that can make a big difference in a game.”

Logan O’Connor on his familiarity with Colorado:

“It’s been nice not going too far. I have buddies back at DU, still a bunch of friends and teammates there, so it’s nice to have that just a short trip up the road. Can’t say I really came up here prior to the last couple weeks but it’s been awesome here.”

Pavel Francouz on the AHL VS KHL:

“[The AHL] is much faster. Most of the guys are pretty young and fast so the ice surface is smaller so everything’s faster, but I think for goalies it’s a bit more fun here because all the time something is happening so it’s more fun.”

Pavel Francouz on adjusting to life in North America:

“Of course it’s a challenge, but it’s easier here compared to Russia because you guys have all the amenities and options here. The only thing was to find a car and place to live, so I solved those issues and I like it here.”

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