Who wore it best: The Legends

We have looked back on every player that has worn the Colorado Avalanche logo. But, much like parents are rumored to each have a most treasured child, we each have a favorite Colorado Avalanche Legend. The Colorado Avalanche have retired six jerseys so far. Four of them have been named to the Hockey Hall of Fame already. Who do you choose as your legend?

Number 19: Joe Sakic. He was part of the Quebec Nordiques before they moved to Colorado and became the Avalanche. He then retired in 2009, never having worn a jersey other than the Quebec Nordiques or the Colorado Avalanche. During his NHL career Sakic played in 1378 regular season games, had 625 regular season goals, 1016 regular season assists, and 614 penalty minutes. As the first Colorado Avalanche captain, he led the team to two Stanley Cups, and a memorable moment when he chose not to lift the Cup but instead pass it to Raymond Bourque first. His jersey was retired by the team on October 1st, 2009. Read more about Joe Sakic here.

Number 21: Peter Forsberg. Forsberg was also part of the Quebec Nordiques before team team relocated to Denver. He was in Colorado from 1995-2004. He won two Cups with the Colorado Avalanche. After the lockout Forsberg went to the Flyers, and then over to Sweden. In 2008 Forsberg returned to Colorado for 9 games and tried again in 2010 for two games before retiring from the game. While with the Colorado Avalanche and the Quebec Nordiques Forsberg appeared in 591 regular season games, had 217 regular season goals, 538 regular season assists and 556 penalty minutes in the regular season. Read more about Peter Forsberg here.

Number 23: Milan Hejduk. Hejduk was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, but never had a chance to dress in the Nordiques logo for a game. He didn’t play in his first NHL game until 1999 and he stayed in Colorado until his retirement in 2013. He won one Cup in his NHL career. Hejduk was the third Avalanche captain and he played in 1020 regular season games, had 375 regular season goals, 430 regular season assits and 316 penalty minutes. Read more about Milan Hejduk here.

Number 33: Patrick Roy. Roy was traded to the Colorado Avalanche in a blockbuster trade that was very one-sided in the favor of the Colorado Avalanche. He played n 478 regular season games for the Colorado Avalanche and had 262 regular season wins, 140 regular season loses. He won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalanche. He was with the team from his arrival in December 1995 until his retirement in 2003. Roy returned to the Avs as a head coach before leaving the team once again.  Read more about Patrick Roy here.

Number 52: Adam Foote. Foote was another member of the Quebec Nordiques before the team moved from La Belle Province to Denver.  He was in Colorado from 1995 until he joined Columbus for the 2006 season. He returned home, to Denver, during the 2008 season. Between the Colorado Avalanche and the Quebec Nordiques the second Colorado Avalanche captain played in 967 regular season games, had 56 regular season goals, 253 regular season assists, and 1279 penalty minutes. He helped Colorado win two Stanley Cups. Read more about Adam Foote here.

Number 77: Ray Bourque. Bourque is different than the other players on the list. He didn’t spend the vast majority of his career in Quebec or Colorado. It was spent in Boston. He was traded to Colorado so that he’d have a chance at winning the Stanley Cup. And he did. He appeared in 94 regular season games for the Colorado Avalanche, had 15 regular goals, 58 regular season assists, and 54 penalty minutes. Once he won the Cup, he retired from the game. Read more about Ray Bourque here.


So what say you, Burgundy faithful. Which legend wore the crest on the front the best?

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One thought on “Who wore it best: The Legends

  • September 25, 2018 at 12:40 PM

    Most games played in an Avs sweater, and the only Legends player to play his career wearing only the Avalanche logo. Saw the franchise through the best of times and the worst of times.

    Milan gets my vote.

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