Cut by Cut: And then there were 45

The Avalanche announced their first series of cuts, trimming 10 to bring the remaining roster total to 45. There’s quite a bit to unpack in the first in a series of moves for the organization.

First of all, those forwards sent to their junior clubs in Nick Henry to Regina in the WHL and Brandon Saigeon to Hamilton in the OHL. Henry was expected as a 19 year-old without AHL eligibility. Saigeon on the other hand as a 20-year old and with AHL eligibility is a surprise. Saigeon performed well in camp including the contribution of a team leading five goals in the rookie tournament and seemed ready to make the jump to professional hockey with his peers. Whatever the reason is, this is a disappointing outcome.

Most of the non-NHL forwards who played in the first preseason game such as Josh Dickinson, Julien Nantel, and JC Beaudin were cut as well and sent to the Colorado Eagles for AHL camp. Beaudin still doesn’t seem to have found much favor in the organization but there’s also a lot of center prospects to still evaluate.

The remaining AHL contracted players in defensemen Nolan De Jong, Turner Ottenbreit and Kevin Davis plus forward Grayson Downing, who curiously never made an appearance at camp despite residing on the roster, were also assigned to the Eagles.

Matthew Boucher, the lone true invite who made it to main camp, moves on in his quest for a pro contract as he gets to attend Eagles camp now. He showed he could at least fall into the mix with the other AHL level forward prospects and it’s nice to see a guy get a chance who held up his end of the bargain.

As always, who wasn’t cut is just as interesting in this stage of preseason. Travis Barron was one of the few who survived after association with the team’s lackluster first preseason game. It would be nice to see him get in another game as he plays his depth role well. None of the NHL contracted defensemen got the axe even though they really have no business remaining at the NHL level such as Mason Geertsen and Josh Anderson. However, with so many injured defensemen in camp it makes sense that the organization needs the bodies around with several more preseason games to get through.


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