BR Year One: More Than Just Glad To Be Here

A year ago today Burgundy Rainbow debuted as an upstart blog covering our beloved Colorado Avalanche organization. We had a solid staff and some fans of our previous work in other places that made starting from scratch enjoyable and much easier than it could have been. By necessity our philosophy was simple: Don’t do what everyone else does.

Since then we’ve grown and evolved, found out what works and what doesn’t, discovered niches we can play in and used our agility to go beyond the printed word. We’re not slaves to site metrics so if something is fun and people enjoy it, that’s what we do and what we’re going to do in the future.

First of all I’d like to thank the BR staff not only for the hard work put in but for the creativity and progression they’ve shown over the past year. A great thing about being small and beholden to none other than our readers and ourselves is the latitude to try new things and work outside of the norm. It’s very satisfying to try something new and different and find positive feedback. I consider it lucky that we are able to do so.

A big shoutout goes to our founders and administrative staff, namely SeaMill and roaming_yeti. Creating interesting articles, thought-provoking pods and wonderful video is one thing, being able to present it to the public so that they can enjoy it too is far different. I can say that not only would the site most likely look bland and disjointed without their savvy, but in all honesty it probably wouldn’t exist.

A very special thanks goes out to Kevin McGlue and the Colorado Eagles staff for giving Rudo a shot as a credentialed reporter. It was really a perfect storm of circumstances that worked out better than we could have hoped: A great team on the way to a second consecutive championship that was close by and affiliated with the beloved Avalanche. The biggest step you can take in this business is going from covering from afar to actually interacting with a professional team and it’s players. Getting that break is difficult and again, I can’t thank the Eagles enough for giving us the chance.

Most of all I want to thank you, dear reader. Without your interest we’re all just screaming into a hurricane. For those of you that have donated through Patreon and Paypal or bought BR merchandise, you’re all saints and we couldn’t do this without you.

Moving forward into year 2 we’re going to be smarter, faster and keep the same sense of creativity and non-conformity, which hopefully mirrors what the Avs do as an organization. You’ll see some of the same solid work on the Avs, Eagles, our new friends the Grizzlies and the Avs amateur pipeline along with new and different areas. We’re excited about the Draft Center, which Rudo and Jackie have already been hard at work to create, that will follow this coming June’s draft eligible players from far and wide all the way to the draft floor in Vancouver.

Hockey season officially begins on Friday, we’ll see you there!




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