Who Wore it Best: Number 25

The number 25 was much more popular in Quebec Nordiques history including by the godfather himself Pierre Lacroix but six players have donned a burgundy 25. All six of these players were were either traded to or from the Avalanche, and in some cases both, so not the best choice if one wants to stick around in Colorado.


Martin Rucinsky (1995-1996)

Despite only playing 22 games in Colorado, Rucinsky had a long storied 16 year career in the NHL which totaled 961 games for seven different franchises as he collected 612 points. Rucinsky was remembered more in Quebec history and was the longest active former Nordique when he retired in 2015. Rucinsky’s other claim to fame is that he was included as part of the Patrick Roy trade to Colorado. In Quebec/Colorado was the only franchise where Rucinsky wore the number 25.

Mike Keane (1996-1997)

The other side of the Patrick Roy trade, Keane came in tow from Montreal and immediately donned the number of the man he helped replace in Rucinsky. Keane would play 223 games with the Avalanche, including a second stay in 2002-2003 wearing number 12, and totaling 64 points. The number 25 would raise the Cup for the first time with Keane.

Shjon Podein (1998-2002)

Another to raise the Cup in lucky number 25, Poedin came to the Avalanche in a trade from Philadelphia in 1998. Poedin would score 71 points in 239 games wearing burgundy. He was then later traded to St. Louis in 2002…for Mike Keane! Pierre could never resist getting the band back together.

Chris Stewart (2010-2011)

The only one of this group to begin their professional career in Colorado, Stewart was the 18th overall selection by the Avalanche in the 2006 NHL entry draft. He began playing with the Avalanche wearing 42 in 2008 and maybe should have stuck with it before switching to the ominous 25 in the year he got traded. He would score 113 points in 166 games before getting included in the trade to St. Louis for Erik Johnson. Stewart is the only active NHL player on this list standing at 321 points in 652 games most recently as a member of the Calgary Flames but is also currently without a contract.

Max Talbot (2013-2015)

Another who arrived and departed Colorado via trades, Philadelphia and Boston respectively, Talbot spent the bulk of two seasons with the Avalanche. In a lengthy NHL career, Talbot contributed 133 of his career 704 games and 40 of his career 204 points in Colorado. One of the many depth veterans to cycle through Colorado but the only to sport the 25.

Mikhail Grigorenko (2015-2017)

Acquired by Colorado thanks to the Ryan O’Reilly trade, Grigorenko saw the most games in his NHL career wearing burgundy. Amassing 50 points in 149 games in Colorado while wearing the 25, Grigorenko went back to Russia after failing to receive a qualifying offer from the Avalanche. His success in Russia suggests he might get another NHL shot someday but the burgundy 25 currently awaits a new victim owner.


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