Eagles Review Round 2, Game 1: Eagles 1, Steelheads 0, OT, Goalie Duel + Nicolas Meloche Interview

Sometimes 1 goal is all you need.

Nicolas Meloche Interview:

Rudo: “Quite the way to end game one there, you guys managed to close it out in OT, does it feel good to start the series off the right way?”

Meloche: “Yes. Idaho won four in a row coming into this one and it’s good to stop that momentum. I think Joe [Cannata] deserves a lot of credit for the win but we stuck together and played a full 70+ minutes in front of him.”

Rudo: “You had one of the best chances of regulation hitting the post in the 3rd period, you jumped up into the play often in this game, is that part of your role here?”

Meloche: “It’s always been a part of my game, I’m a two-way defensemen. If I’m there even if they don’t give it to me it creates space for the other guys so it’s good to play in two zones.”

Meloche warming up before Game 1 against Idaho. Photo credit to @thevoiceofvlad

Rudo: “This is season has been your first year pro and your first pro playoff run, how does it compare to your time in the QMJHL and the playoff runs you have had there?”

Meloche: “The guys are way bigger and faster, it’s the little details in pro that counts, focusing on that like tonight is what it takes. It’s a fast paced game and it’s fun.”

Rudo: “You spent most of the year in the AHL is there a bit of an adjustment coming to the ECHL for this playoff run?”

Meloche: A little bit, it’s always the systems. It looks the same but a few things are a bit different, I’m taking it game by game and now in the second round I’m getting comfortable.”

Rudo: “You are considered one of the Avs top contracted prospects in the minors, what are some of the things you’ve improved most this year and what are the areas you still need to work on?”

Meloche: “I still need to work on my consistency defensively and being hard on opponents, it’s a lot of games in a short amount of time in the pros. Keeping my feet moving is my good asset, if I do that I will play a good game.”

Rudo: “You will be trying to make the Avs next year but there’s a good chance you will be playing here in Loveland in the AHL next season. Has playing here helped set you up for the offseason and next year at all?”

Meloche: “I’m going to bring less stuff at the end of the year to my new home but yea it’s nice to get to know the guys around the team and for me and the other guys coming back next year it’s fun to get to know the city and the fans.”



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