Daily Cupcakes: April 23rd, 2018

Colorado Avalanche



The Rest of the Game

Calder Trophy finalists unveiled. [NHL]

Matthews has NHL’s top-selling jersey. [TSN]

Golden Knights’ Marc-Andre Fleury had winning in mind all along. [Sports Illustrated]

Draft and develop strategy has worked wonders for Winnipeg Jets. [Montreal Gazette]

Philadelphia Flyers fans throw trash on ice during NHL playoff loss to Pittsburgh Penguins. [USA Today]

If smelling salts don’t enhance performance, NHLers would be the last to know. [The Globe and Mail]

Ellen DeGeneres pays tribute to Humboldt Broncos crash victims at Calgary event. Popular talk show host said: ‘My heart breaks for everyone, it hurt all of us’. [CBC]

Six Humboldt Broncos players remain at RUH, two still in critical condition. [Star Phoenix]


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