Who to Hate: Playoff Push Edition

Well folks, it’s the last week of the season and we still have a rooting interest in the Avalanche.  AND that rooting interest isn’t for better draft lottery odds!  The Avs currently sit in the second wild card spot, ahead of the St. Louis Blues (St. Louis has a game in hand) by one point, behind the Los Angeles Kings by one point and behind the Anaheim Ducks by two points.  Keep in mind, at least one of LA and Anaheim will make the playoffs and Dallas has been eliminated from contention.  Four teams will be fighting for the final three spots.  It’s been one hell of a ride, so buckle in and let’s take a look at the match-ups with playoff implications in this final week of the NHL season.

Monday, April 2

Washington Capitals @ St. Louis Blues

I think the Avs still control their fate, because they play the teams around them, but a little help never hurts.  Hopefully Ovie can put up an Ovechtrick on the Blues.

Colorado Avalanche @ Los Angeles Kings

The Avs are coming off a tough overtime loss to the Ducks and this game is do or die.

Tuesday, April 3

No games with playoff implications.

Wednesday, April 4

Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis Blues

The Avs become huge Chicago fans this week (I know, it feels dirty, but wait for the next match).  Hopefully they can win out and help the Avs.

Minnesota Wild @ Anaheim Ducks

I know it will feel dirty, but we need the Wild to win this one.  However this game has 3-point game written all over it.

Thursday, April 5

Minnesota Wild @ Los Angeles Kings

Of course it’s the second of a back to back.  Sigh… go Wild… again.

Colorado Avalanche @ San Jose Sharks

The Sharks will most likely have clinched a playoff spot by now, so maybe they will take it easy?

Friday, April 6

St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks

The second of two games the Blackhawks have against the Blues.  Dear hockey gods, don’t smite us.

Dallas Stars @ Anaheim Ducks

Following an epic collapse, the Stars will be playing for pride (and some for contracts) as they take on the Ducks.

Saturday, April 7

Anaheim Ducks @ Arizona Coyotes

Of course this is their last game.  Damnit.  Make ’em hurt, Arizona!

St. Louis Blues @ Colorado Avalanche

Same start time (9:00 pm ET) as the Ducks game.  This is going to be tense.

Dallas Stars @ Los Angeles Kings

This game starts at 10:30 pm ET, and could very well determine if the Avs make the playoffs.

It’s going to be a rough week folks.  To many, to get this far and not make the playoffs would be a disappointment, and I don’t disagree.  But this team has come a long way from last year.  Most of us couldn’t have even wished for a season this exciting.  HOCKEY THAT MATTERS IN THE LAST WEEK.  It’s been a pleasure being around, hanging out and riding this roller coaster with ya’ll.  Hang in tight, and know that no matter what, this season (at least in my opinion) was a success.

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