Breaking Down: Avs/Oilers, Game 58

It was just one loss but the repercussions for the immediate future and the balance of the season were ominous. The Avs have been resilient this season for the most part but losing Erik Johnson for any length of time is probably more than they can overcome.

Team Stats

The Avs started out with a goal from Tyson Jost, usually a good sign, but didn’t look all that hot until late in the 1st when they began to gain control of the game. From about 3 minutes left until the middle of the 2nd they went on a strong 19-5 shot attempt run that ended with a power play. And there we have the problem. Yet another terrible and ineffective PP killed the momentum and the Oilers managed to tie the game right after. The Avs still had some resiliency at that point and Anton Lindholm banked a goal in off Alex Kerfoot’s belly for a 2-1 lead. That was about it for the Avs unfortunately. Edmonton went on a 20-3 run which was the difference in the game.

The PK killed their only chance and still sit in the top 5 for the NHL. They’re fine.

The power play continues to freefall in the NHL rankings with another putrid perfomance and had a grand total of 1 shot attempt in 3 tries. They are now 5 for the 51 over the last 17 games with 3 shorties against in that span. That’s a net 4% rate and still no sign the staff have any inclination to do anything other than ask the guys to try harder. That’s one-fifth of the season thrown away because no one behind the bench knows how to fix it. Terrible optics.


The defense, partly due to injuries of course, went Zadorov, Barrie, Nemeth, Girard, Johnson and Lindholm at 5v5 and the same overall with Barrie/Z swapping. This section begins to get really interesting starting tomorrow.

Top 6 forwards were Landy, Mikko, Mack, Soderberg, Comeau, Wilson at 5v5 and the same in all situations with Compher replacing Comeau. This is very top-heavy and vet-heavy usage and didn’t work. Hasn’t worked in weeks honestly. Maybe try playing the youngsters a little more and you won’t lose all the time. Just a thought.


– Tyson Jost scored a wonderful goal to begin the game and his reward from the coaching staff was getting stapled to the bench all night. Last in TOI at 5v5 among forwards with a total of 6:55, nice job coach. There’s your compete level problem and guess who’s causing it.

– Varly let in 3 goals on 39 shots with a bunch of zombies playing defense in front of him. Good to see another strong showing, at least he’s not an issue right now.

– It was wonderful to see Nate back on the ice. A little rusty perhaps but he had 8 shot attemps and 5 SOG in 17:43 of 5v5 time. Probably missed a goal by a quarter inch and that won’t happen a game or two from now.

– EJ was the top D in CF% with a +15/-14 in what could turn out to be his last game for a while. He has 7 goals, 3 of them game-winners, and 15 assists on the season. Get well soon, bud.

Burgundy Narrative Metric

– “Best guys being your best guys” gets a (+) Mack, Mikko and Varly were stout
– Corsi gets a (-) although it wasn’t as bad as usual
– Power Play gets a (-) fix this or fire yourself
– Turtle gets a (-) for one of the worst I’ve seen all year
– Varly% gets a (+) nice job!
Referee Oppression Index gets a (-) for a well-called laissez faire game

Total: -3¾

/ / / / / /

The Avs hit the rewind button and do Western Canada again this week

Burgundy Rainbow Post-Game

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