Daily Cupcakes: December 15th, 2017

Good morning all. Sandie’s off today so you’ll have to make do with all the news I can fit. Let’s get to it.


– Avs PK is hot and the PP is not returning home [Avs Site]

– JD Killian has this week’s Good, Bad and Ugly [BSN Avs]

Around the Hockey World

– Team Canada gets shut out by their own goalies at WJC Camp [CBC] – In Game 2, former Colorado Eagle Cole Sanford scores twice to beat the Juniors again [CBC]

– Ottawa broke their losing streak but the media is having a field day with these poor guys [Globe & Mail]

– Henrik Lundqvist passed 20,000 saves. That’s a lot [NHL.com]


Scoring LW, punchy climber for the Ardennes classics, spirit guide

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