Tales From a Traveling Avs Fan, Part 4

Good evening folks. Our good friend Seraquel was on the scene in Stockholm and agreed to share his experiences leading up to and at the Avalanche games this past weekend with us. This the final installment, to catch up on the first 3 hit the links below.

Tales from a Traveling Avs Fan

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3


Hi everyone, after yesterday’s annoying OTL we dusted ourselves off and went right back at it.
We did some more sight seeing in the morning which included a visit to the Medieval museum which was free and pretty cool, I’d recommend a stop there if you are ever in Stockholm.
After dinner we headed off to Globen arena again, for match 2. Our seats this time were in the lower half bowl corner, second to last row, which gave us a much better view of the on ice action.
Sadly my phone did a Kerfy yesterday, it’s now dead and doesn’t want to charge; unlike Kerfy I can’t simply replace it immediately, so the photo game from tonight wasn’t as strong either.
This evening’s crowd were also a lot more vocal than last night.  The crowd overall contained as far as I could see a majority of Avalanche jerseys, and there were sporadic pockets of Avs chants being started, but they rarely if ever spread.
As you probably know by now the game started ok, with a short handed goal on a penalty kill, the crowd were up for that and cheered for the Avs.  It was somewhat confusing to me when, the Senators equalised during the second period, the same people cheered for their goal including the Landeskog clad guy next to us.  That’s when it then clicked for me; the crowd weren’t there for the support of a specific team but for the hockey, goals, fun, and especially the Swedish players.
The second flowed back and forth and ended with 2 more Avalanche goals to the Senators one for a 3-2 intermission lead. The third goal chased Ottawa backup Mike Condon, which was a shame as he had been pretty poor, and the way the Senators play the 1-3-1 trap there really wasn’t much room for the Avs to set up scoring chances, and Andy is a much better goalie.
Sadly in the third the Avs surrendered two goals, including one on another penalty to Barberio his third of the night, a spirited last minute rush still couldn’t produce many shots,  nor scoring chances, so it ended up with another loss.
I still had a good time, Bernie did a great job entertaining the crowd in the intermission, I got to see my favourite hockey team twice in two days, so I’ve had a blast. And I’m more determined than ever to make it over to Denver to catch a home game for real!
That’s it from me, tomorrow will be the journey home. I hope you have all gotten something from my posts; I certainly have enjoyed writing them.   If there is interest I could post a photo journal once I get home and download photos from my SLR camera; the decision is up to you and Earl06.
This is Seraquel, signing off from Stockholm.


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Huge thanks to Seraquel for his thoughts and photos. For those of us unable to attend it really gave context to the trip and setting. Setting aside the results of the games, this was a fine way for Avs fans in Europe to get a chance to see real games live and those back in North America to see Stockholm.



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  • November 14, 2017 at 6:47 AM

    This was a great series. Thanks for being eyes and ears on the ground!

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