Tales From a Traveling Avs Fan, Part 3

Good evening folks. Our good friend Seraquel is on the scene in Stockholm and has agreed to share his experiences leading up to the Avalanche games this weekend with us. Now enjoy the first of two game days!


Hi everyone, finally game day was here, though we had to wait until 8pm for puck drop, so more sightseeing was in order.
We returned to Gamla Stan to explore the areas we didn’t yesterday, namely the old streets and the Nobelmuseum. The old streets were quaint with boutiques and the Nobel museum was pretty good.  It’s worth a visit if you are interested in sciences or literature, unique exhibits and interactive displays that you could use to learn more about the laureates.
Next we set off for the ABBA museum which we found somewhat underwhelming and overpriced for what it was (took 45 minutes to go around).  Whilst we love their music neither of us are fans per se; I’d only recommend it for hardcore fans.
After being joined by my father we ate dinner and headed for the Globe.  Once we got through security we joined the jostling crowds for merchandise.  I secured the prize new jersey I’d been wanting though they didn’t have any away ones, which was something of a disappointment. I also picked up a mug, but the beanie I’d been eyeing was sold out.
Finally we headed into the arena to find our seats which were pretty sweet – right near the glass behind the home penalty box.
Peter Forsberg did the ceremonial puck drop, then walked right in front of us on his way out, a definite highlight of the trip so far!
Watching the Avalanche live for the was awesome and I really enjoyed the first period until the two Ottawa goals. The crowd was pretty quiet and definitely had more of an Ottawa lean, which might not be too surprising, but I had been hoping for more.
One of the highlights of the game were the two mascots, Bernie and Spartacus, who did their level best to bring some life to the crowd and they were great at it,   Bernie especially brought his A game and outshone his Canadian counterpart.
The game flowed back and forth, the second was a definite struggle for the Avs, which was disappointing as it was the one time the Avs were scheduled to attack the end we were at. We did see a great goal though which was created by excellent work from our new shiny defenseman Samuel Girard, it looked live that Comeau scored it, but Kerfy got the goal with a tip which we didn’t spot until the replays.
Third went better with a goal and we ended regulation with a point, though in OT a bad change caught guys out of position and led to the Senators winning it early on.
Still had a great time though, I shall leave you all with a host of photos and a promise to return with more tomorrow for Game 2!
— Seraquel


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